German Weier drive and energy technology co., LTD. (Weier Antriebe und Energietechnik GmbH) was founded in 1945, formerly known as by Heinz Weier created Heinz Weier Elektromotorenwerk GmbH, in 1983 began producing wind turbines, is one of the pioneers of the European wind energy industry, the European WTG large wind power generator and part of the main suppliers.
Weier company is the specialized production and sale of generator, motor and drive system engineering scheme of enterprise, after 70 years of production and operation, has the production and development of more than 10000 different generators and motors. Products with high efficiency, high reliability, long service life, etc. Used in renewable energy, Marine technology, automatic escalator, machinery manufacturing and other fields.
In the field of renewable energy, in recent decades, for the wind turbine, cogeneration and hydropower station has developed energy-saving solutions.
Generator and motor to be technically and economically with complete set of solutions, including is yacht manufacturing, shipping, offshore platform and other industries of motor drive special solution. Renewable energy and clean energy industry potential in the future, the cause has been engaged in more than 25 years.
We firmly believe that, through the clean renewable energy to generate electricity; Through efficient energy-saving motor to save electricity; Production of electricity and the common goal of saving electricity is the world's energy conservation and environmental protection. Our goal is the development of new, advanced in the field of solutions and systems, to push the application of partners products toward a better world.

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